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Our Printers

HP Scitex LX 850 Printer

Expand your reach with stunning outdoor/indoor applications. High-quality prints are delivered at true production speed with a 126 inch (3.2 m) printer that also offers multiple workflow features. Attract environmentally conscious customers.

Expand your outdoor/indoor application versatility.
• Increase our flexibility, produce more high-profit applications that can deliver a fast return on investment.
• Rich, impressive applications with up to 1200 dpi resolution, 6-color printing, and HP printing materials.
• Produce prints with display permanence and durability comparable to low-solvent inks.
• Eye-catching images build brands with new HP LX610 Latex Scitex Inks or HP 3M LX600 Specialty Latex Inks.
See stunning image quality and high-productivity.
• See stunning image quality at production speed; prints are dry right out of the printer.
• Enjoy unattended productivity with two rolls as well as roll-to-free fall and roll-to-collector capabilities.
• Produce double-sided banners with minimal operator intervention.
• Improve efficiency with embedded spectrophotometer, automated printhead servicing, HP Scitex Print Care.
• Attract new business with odorless prints that are perfect for sensitive indoor display environments.
• Reassure—HP wall decorations are GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified® and meet AgBB criteria.

Plotter De Impresión Mimaki JV33-160 BS

Buy print plotter Mimaki JV33-160 BS, like new, best for his state, has a total of 2500 m2 of printing, 6 months change the head, which is less than 300 m2 of use, made by the only and service representative of the country of Mimaki, Sign Advertising, which performed a complete check noting that the team is flawless and like new. The team is very careful, you do not miss anything or solvents for cleaning or original ink cartridges needed. Sold closing society, is heard offering, you can get car or truck to take part payment. You can witness the perfect PC performance by arranging a visit impression.

- Resolution: 540 - 720-900 - 1080 to 1440 dpi
- Maximum resolution: 1,440 x 1,440 DPI
- Speed​​-1 (540x720 4color 4pass): 18 m2 / h
- 2-Speed ​​(540x720 6color 8pass), 9 m2 / h
- Speed​​-3 (540x1080 4color 6pass): 12 m2 / h
- 3 Heaters (pre, print and post HEATER)
- Maximum print width: 1,610 mm
- Ink-Type: 4-color (CMYK), BS2 and BS3
- Spare uninterrupted cartridges for the printer
- Size-team him (WxDxH): 2538 - 739-1424 mm
- Peso: 160 Kg
- Interface: USB2.0
- Compatibilidad con Win XP - Win Vista - Win 7 - Win 8 - Mac OS
- Imprime lonas (back, front, mesh), vinilos, microperforado, papel solvente, film backlight, canvas, etc.
- Origen Japón

The JV33 series uses a piezoelectric print head high-speed printing at resolutions up to 1,440 dpi at a speed of up to 18 sqm / hr in 540 x 720 dpi. The printhead has 1440 nozzles that achieve the highest print quality. Lets work with original ink at unbeatable prices, including for alternative ink manufacturers. Printer-art with a balance of high quality, speed and price. The speed of the new JV33 series is 30% higher than the JV3 series. The acronym BS (Bulk System) refers to the known power supply system. In this regard Mimaki JV33 development for the continuous feed system by double cartridge each color. When the cartridge runs out next automatically switches to supply the fluid. While the printer is at rest operates an automatic reflux solvent known prevents nozzle clogging and flexible.

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